The numbers of Twitter and communication overflow

Catherine Forsythe at Lockergnome ( writes a good article on the real weight that should be given to numbers presented in Twitter (full article at

Among other  things she explains that “[…]

There is a belief that the number of followers is the critical factor on Twitter. The reasoning is that the person with the largest number of followers has the largest ’soapbox’.

That might not be true.”

I agree on this point.

In my opinion sometimes, like this one,  big numbers are appealing but misleading: it’s more meaningful to have fewer followers but counted right than a pyramid of cascaded followers.

This also because information meaning, consistency and “weight” changes (honestly not only decreasing) through different levels of cascading (or retweeting).

I agree with Catherine: Good content counts more than number of followers and, I add, because enables the potential of pyramid sharing.

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