Internet for peace Nobel prize 2010 for and against

Lewis Wallace at Wired ( writes an article reporting Wired decision to start a campaign for candidating Internet (means each one of us being behind a PC) for Peace Nobel prize 2010 (full article at, candidate site at

I have contrasting feelings on this action.

Why I’m for.

  • Because Internet is THE revolution of the last two centuries, having shortened distances, freed people and developed a common conscience
  • Because Internet is a media of peace and of peace keeping, permitting people to share thoughts, frustrations, dreams, ideas, hopes
  • Because the Nobel Prize for Peace can, finally, promote internet to a sort of new status of overnational media

Why I’m against.

  • Internet is immaterial and, for itself, doesn’t deserve any merit, because are people underlying that make it a “good” or “bad” media
  • Internet is not only peace.  It has inside bad feelings and habits, like everyone of us.
  • Because there are a lot of people more real than internet that deserve an help both as a prize and as money and associated visibility

At the very end, I decided to support the campaign because I hope, like Obama’s prize was this year, that this candidation will be a signal of hope for our world.

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