Change management success tips

Many times in this blog we talked about success and pitfalls of change management.

Changing is not easy and, despite approaching it in a professional way, You cannot have no assurance that it goes a planned.

Figures can be quite difficult to normalize, but failure of change management processes is well above the 50% of cases.

This means that when starting a CM process, chances are that You will fail.

But, by approaching it in a professional way You can mitigate the risk and try to bring your process in the succeeding list.

Main failure areas fall in communication, inadequate sponsorship, too strict times, wrong pace, too tight path.

Communicating is vital, since people that do not receive correct and adequate communications tend to be scared by change.

Inadequate sponsorship brings to a sense of common disillusionment in the organization. Leaders have to be examples of change.

Setting the right pace and giving the right times help in increasing success rate: to fast pace or too strict time to achieve change bring to opposite results.

Tight path: try to make the path rigid enough to manage change, but enough flexible to let it adaptable.

Author: hotrao

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