Reinforcing leadership

Leadership is a difficult game to play.

Leadership is something that unfortunately you manage only in part, because leadership comes from your resources and is enabled and recognized by them.

You can manage your part, by working in order to achieve this recognition, but the final word is to your people.

Having your leadership recognized from people without forcing them (or having people feeling they are forced) is the difficult part.

So, as once a politician said,  leadership is the job of making people do what they do not want to do, and have them enjoying it.

Process goes through different steps.

First You need to put yourself in a good position in terms of recognized skills. This will be yor strong basis to build on.

After this first phase you can start crafting the behavioral part of the challenge.

In this part you’ll be walking on razor’s edge. Some hints:

  • be honest and fair in doing your work (no risk for this)
  • be positive and energetic (but avoid to seem forced in doing this)
  • praise people but don’t exceed
  • treat people equally at same conditions (this means if two people perform well, praise both of them)

Author: hotrao

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