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Jim Canterucci at Elcircle wrote an article on the need of being at the same time manager and leader.

It’s an old discussion, but Jim gives some different point of view: “[…]

1. Lead at every opportunity. Whether you have a managerial or leadership position, or no position at all.

2. Manage when you have to. Whatever your distinction about being a manager or a leader but never stop being a leader.

3. Think about impact and results and do what needs done.

4. Think about influence and you start to do leadership stuff.

5. Don’t be afraid to be out front on any given issue. […]”

On point 1 I definitely agree: being a leader is not a “part time” job. Once you are recognized (or willing to be so) a leader, you need to demonstrate in every moment giving the example. With no exceptions.

On point 2 I apply the same thought as of point 1: for my view a manager is a point of reference and should always be there to give the example. This doesn’t mean managing everything at all costs, but for sure means having the sensibility on what and when to manage.

On point 3, yes it is like this. Evaluate and then act.

On point 5, I think is the key point of leadership and management: be there and be scared (fear is not being weak, but being with foot on the ground), but when you start facing the issue, just face it without any doubt and fears.

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