Succeed in a job interview

Many are called, few are chosen. Nothing new under the sun.

During a hiring process more or less every step is critical, but there are 3 moments that represent the most important factors:

  • the resume (because differentiates you on the multitude)
  • the interview (because makes the difference in moving ahead or not)
  • the decision on short-listing (you don’t own it but you can make all you can to influence it)

How to of the Day has prepared a good guide on how to handle the first two steps, considering various situations (live interview, phone call,…).

Main take away:

  • Prepare yourself: the most you practice the better it is
  • Ask for help if you are not feeling comfortable
  • Prepare 3 possible questions to ask: not being curious will penalize you
  • Arrive a some minutes (not hours…) earlier
  • Be clear
  • Sell yourself
  • Be polite: being arrogant doesn’t pay

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Author: hotrao

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