Optimising your time: the 4ds

Every day we are hit by many task that we have to decide how to handle.

The bigger the team, the bigger is the available firepower but also is increasing the risk to not to be able to assign the task to the correct person and with right priority.

This becomes even more complex when tasks, being linked, need a “project approach”.

Time management techniques are there from years and so are the delegation theories and you need to find the one you feel most comfortable by going in “trial and error mode” on a selected list: this will allow you to experiment without jeopardizing the credibility toward your team (is not healthy to change every week the way you organize their work).

Once you find the one most suitable, perseverance and curiosity are the keys:

A) perseverance because, pretty sure you will meet barriers in yourself and you may feel the need to drop the approach. Insisting will inject the approach and the habit making it part of an automatism you will use without realizing and with no effort

B) curiosity because you may find tools, routines and variations on the technique that will make it more “your” unique approach.

Among all available there’s one that I enjoyed and I find pretty simple to manage: is called the 4 D model around time management designed by Jack Canfield in the book The Power of Focus that I recommend as a possible option for your needs,

In a nutshell goes into a checklist asking the questions at the root of our planning

  1. Do?
  2. Dump?
  3. Defer and to when?
  4. Delegate?

It goes into the direction of a sequential approach.
Personally I crafted in this order: 2-4-1-3. In my role I have no time to do things personally and so my first choice is to delegate rather than executing.
And your approach? Comments welcome.

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(Image by Marion Bellet)

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