The death of ideas

I was trying to find out new ideas on how to grow ideas and I came through a nice article (Avoid Group-Think, Where Great Ideas Go to Die ) of blog 99u.

In current companies ideas are very difficult to be found and during the time we have passed from buzz words like “brainstorming” to other buzz words like “lateral thinking” to land to “think outside the box”. There’s nothing wrong in these approaches, though they all face the same problem: in a world where bright ideas are scarce we tend to unravel problems by finding new ways of finding ideas, not new ideas.

The easier way to face a problem may seem to group your time and try to find out as many ideas as possible. But here is the problem: too many ideas are leading to same effect of not too much ideas: you are stuck.

So how to move forward? Simply:

  • Create a spirit that allows criticism and evolution in ideas
  • Give you as a manager the time to think about ideas and select a reasonable one (at the end you are accountable, not them)
  • Explain to your team the idea and plan accordingly. Revise approach where needed
  • Gather your people to execute the plan. People will give their best in this phase aiming at a clear direction through a clear plan and clear guidance

This has nothing to do with collaboration: people expect to collaborate but also to be guided with clear messages. Because at the end failure will be yours while success is a common share.

Further readings:

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