Turning a good one into a good one again

There’s an obvious statement: Having the right people is critical to accomplish any goal. Having them motivated and focused is important as well.
People, being humans are not constant in their behaviour and, in the life of an employee people may enter in positive loops where they exploit their potential in full, or negative ones where the performance and behaviours decline.
But person is still the same one, not changing the embedded potential that can express.
So how to deal with this difficult situation recovering the person and avoiding to lose a precious resource?
There are various reasons behind this change and some of them refer to the personal sphere which is the most difficult to step into.
Other refer to working conditions and may be difficult to deal as well.
But all have in common a gradual fall and not an abrupt one.
And that is the first hint: observe and intercept early, because by doing so you will minimise the negative spiral and be able , if possible, to correct it earlier.
Is not easy to start a discussion on this topics, but the sooner the better. The important thing is not to leave it there just observing because will cause a gradual but inexorable decline that will be then too difficult to recover.
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